In the technology world, we’ve seen change and innovation happen at a rapid pace. To succeed, companies need strategic legal partners that can provide unprecedented service and innovation. The Pittman Law Firm is that type of partner.

Our attorneys have extensive experience serving the legal needs of clients in the technology fields. We are recognized as premier attorneys in technology law disputes and frequently present seminars and updates on technology-related issues. One of our attorneys has been a lead trial and appellate counsel in several landmark decisions, including cases in the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals and the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals.

We have significant skills in software, telecom, and internet-related patents. Our attorneys serve on local and national advisory committees that make recommendations to the Courts on technology and intellectual property matters. These leadership roles and our extensive expertise ensure that your technology assets will be protected.


We have considerable expertise in pre-use clearance and the registration, licensing and exploitation of technology rights. It is also our mission to assist clients with implementing policies and processes to minimize the threat of litigation over technology rights.


Antitrust: We are poised to handle matters that involve Sec. 1 illegal contracts and conspiracies in restraint of trade; and Sec. 2 monopolization and attempts to monopolize. We have experience in the Clayton Act: price discrimination (Sec. 2); exclusive dealing and tying arrangements (Sec. 3); mergers (Sec. 7); and interlocking directorates (Sec. 8). We can also handle matters that involve claims of unfair methods of competition in interstate commerce, and unfair or deceptive acts or practices in commerce.

Technology and Intellectual Property: Our attorneys frequently combine expertise in a substantive area of the law with specialized industry expertise. We have as our goal to remain on the cutting-edge of legal issues that affect technology. Our practice also includes counseling and litigation in trademark, copyright, trade secret and patent matter.