Every year, defective and dangerous products are thought to cause thousands of injuries to consumers and users of such products. Product liability refers to the law that governs the liability of manufacturers and others, such as suppliers, distributors, retailers and lessors, for injuries or deaths caused to a consumer, user, or third-party of the product by a defective or dangerous product. A product may be defective or dangerous because of a design flaw, a manufacturing defect, improper maintenance, or because of a failure to provide the proper warnings or labeling.

Our firm handles product liability cases, both on the plaintiff side and the defense side. Our vast experience and resources allow us to handle even the most complex product cases efficiently and effectively. When we represent defendants, we work closely with local, national and international manufacturers, sellers and suppliers on the defense of product liability lawsuits. We combine our substantial courtroom experience and technical skills to help product manufacturers minimize risk and partner with our clients to avoid future claims.

On the Plaintiff’s side, we have the experience and resources to investigate all types of products to determine whether the products comply with the mandatory safety standards or regulations adopted by the federal government that were applicable to the products causing the injury or death. We then determine whether the standards, if any, were inadequate to protect the public from unreasonable risks of injury or danger, or whether the manufacturer, before or after marketing the products withheld or misrepresented the information or material relevant to the federal government’s or agencies’ determination of the adequacy of the safety standards or regulations at issue. Whether it is a major physical injury or wrongful death, we are equipped to handle your claims.

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