Today, the average employment discrimination or harassment lawsuit costs in excess of $200,000 (legal fees, settlements, and court awards). Therefore, a hiring decision, termination, downsizing, transfer, demotion or accommodation requests carries with it a serious risk of litigation or huge expenditures.

Often, risk prevention and risk management are attractive alternatives to litigation. If requested, our attorneys can assist you in developing or reviewing effective training programs to ensure that the litigation risk has been minimized. Sometimes, however, litigation of labor and employment issues is inevitable. When that happens, our attorneys are prepared to aggressively litigate these cases on your behalf.

Our attorneys are trained to understand your business and to investigate potential claims at an early stage, make reasoned assessments, effect remedial measures, and work to resolve these claims before they ripen into lawsuits. Our goal is to vindicate our clients through summary judgment, a satisfactory settlement, or a positive result at trial.

Our attorneys are proud of the success we have had at the courthouse. Members of our firm have also achieved positions of responsibility and esteem in national and state advocacy organizations such as the Inn of Court, Association of Trial Lawyers of America, International Order of Barristers, National Bar Association, American Bar Association, American College of Trial Lawyers and others.


primary objective is to assist you in creating creative solutions to
resolve your labor and employment disputes before they ripen into
full-blown litigation. We
have experience in pre-suit mediation and mandatory arbitration of
employment disputes.

Our lawyers are trained to handle all aspects of labor and employment disputes ranging from age discrimination, compensation issues, sex discrimination, sex harassment, privacy issues, and retaliation. We promptly investigate claims, determine whether there is fault, assess defenses and prepare cases for trial. Or where possible, we can often negotiate favorable settlements.